Home Delivered Meals

Due to the current Corona Virus situation and the fact that we are no longer able to cater for events, Citrus Catering is pleased to announce our online shop for ready meals that can be delivered to your door twice per week. Thank you for your support.
  • Delicious ready made meals. Simply heat & serve.

  • Fishermans Paradise to Bawley Point

  • Free delivery – Wed & Fri from 4pm

  • Minimum order $60

  • Deliveries will be made on Wednesdays and Fridays from 4pm. Leave an esky outside your door if you are going to be out.
  • Orders close 9pm Tuesday for a Wednesday delivery and 9pm on Thursday for a Friday delivery.
  • All food will be delivered fresh and can be frozen. We may also deliver frozen stock.
  • All dishes serve 2 people and are all gluten free.


Beef Madras

A rich aromatic and spicy curry.


Beef Mussaman

A southern Thailand favourite. An aromatic but mild curry with potato and peanuts.


Beef Rendang

A spicy Indonesian curry finished with coconut milk and tamarind.


Chicken Makhani (Butter Chicken)

A mild curry similar to butter chicken, perfect for kids.


Chicken Tikka Masala

A medium spiced curry with tomato, capsicum and almond meal finished with cream.


Chickpea, Sweet Potato & Spinach Masala

A medium heat vegan curry similar to tikka masala, finished with almond meal and coconut cream.


Chilli Con Carne

A family favourite. A mild but smoky beef chilli perfect with rice, made into nachos or used to fill a burrito.


Mixed Bean and Vegetable Chilli Con Carne

A spicy mix of beans and vegetables. A great vegan alternative to chilli con carne.


North African Chicken Tagine

An aromatic dish using a North African spice blend and dried figs, goes perfectly with couscous.


North African Vegetable Tagine

An aromatic vegan dish using a North African spice blend that goes perfectly with cous cous.


Pulled Lamb Pasta

Rich lamb ragout with cherry tomatoes, parsley, mint and penne pasta.


Roasted Vegetable & Pesto Pasta

Roasted vegetables with homemade pesto and penne pasta


Allergy Advice

Meals are produced in a commercial kitchen that also prepares dishes containing peanut, tree nut, eggs, cow’s milk, fish, crustacean, sesame, soy & wheat. Meals listed below contain the following ingredients.

Beef Mussaman: peanuts, Chicken Tikka Masala: almond, dairy, Chicken Makhani: dairy, Thai Yellow Chicken Curry: shrimp paste, fish sauce,  Chickpea, Sweet Potato & Spinach Masala: almond, Thai Yellow Vegetable: gluten free soy sauce